Aquajoy Reclining Bath Lift

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The Aquajoy Bathlift may be the best value bath lift on the market. It has all the features of the more expensive bath lifts but at an amazing price. No other bath lift goes lower (6 cm) or higher (48 cm) than the Aquajoy Reclining bath lift and is a clear choice for customers who care about feature rich products, comfort and safety. The Aquajoy Reclining Bath Lift is amongst the lightest reclining bathlifts available at 9.3 kg and it reclines to a market leading 50 degree angle. The Aquajoy Bathlift is robustly built and can support up to 140 kg.


  • Weighs only 9.3kg in total, amongst the lightest reclining bathlift on the market
  • At the touch of a button, gently lowers users with restricted mobility down to the bottom of the bath for bathing an relaxation, then raises them to the top again for safely getting out
  • Backrest reclines to a market leading 50 degrees to suit users requiring greater hip-to-back sitting angle, e.g. due to stiff hips
  • Very low seat travel of 6cm from the bottom of the bath, allowing for improved water immersion, ideal for shallow baths
  • Separates easily and quickly into 2 lightweight sections for ease of fitting/removal, storage and transportation
  • Contoured, slim-line profile further facilitates handling and gives a modern, aesthetically pleasing appearance to suit most bathrooms
  • Front cut out in seat to improve personal hygiene
  • Lightweight, fully waterproof and floatable hand control with light-touch buttons is easily operated
  • Emergency stop button incorporated into hand control provides optimal safety
  • Simple, user-friendly jack plug connection to charger for ease of use
  • Weight limit of 140kg
  • The bathlift does not have pads

Who Should Use a Bath Lift?

The bathroom can be an intimidating place for those with a lack of mobility. Slippery surfaces and high thresholds mean that those with a lack of balance, mobility and strength need extra help, but asking for assistance means losing privacy and independence. If your mobility makes it a struggle to stay feeling clean, hygienic and independent, you might want to consider one of the most popular mobility aids on the market: a bath lift.
Bath lifts are designed specifically for those who find it difficult to safely get in and out of the bath. They help you to enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of a soak in the tub without the need for expensive renovations or installations. A bath lift is essentially a removable seat that can be placed inside the tub, with a water-safe electric motor that lowers you into and raises you out of the water. Some models, like the Elixir Bath Lift, are designed to lower you almost to the very bottom of your bath, so you can enjoy full immersion without having to completely fill the tub and wasting hot water. Then, when you’re done, use the waterproof handset to raise the seat to the edge of the bath for a safe transfer. Others, like the Bath Buddy, use an inflatable design that works well in shared bathrooms as they can be stored and transported easily. These powered bathroom mobility aids are ideal for those with limited strength or movement, removing the worry of awkward transfers and helping you to maintain your privacy and independence in your own home.

Specifications of the Aquajoy Reclining Bath Lift

  • Weight - 9.3 kg
  • Maximum user weight - 140 kg
  • Overall length (with backrest in reclined position) - 83 cm
  • Seat width 35 cm
  • Seat depth - 42 cm
  • Seat height - adjustable from 6 cm to 48 cm
  • Width of backrest - 32 to 36 cm
  • Height of backrest - 64 cm
  • Width of base - 31 cm
  • Length of base - 56 cm
  • Colour - white

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