About Us

In 2011, I went to visit my father who was suffering from an attack of arthritis. He is an avid reader but the arthritis in his hands makes it difficult for him to hold and read books comfortably. Brimming with excitement, he told me about the two products he had found on the Internet that were making a real difference to his personal comfort. The Bookgem – a bookstand that enables him to read easily and without pain, and a lumbar support pillow that helps him sit comfortably while he reads and relaxes. As we chatted, it became abundantly clear what a positive impact these two simple products have on the quality of his lifestyle and how many fantastic products are available worldwide, yet, how difficult it is to find them in South Africa.

The formation of The Independent Lifestyle Company is a personal reaction to my father’s needs but, more broadly, a personal venture to bring you the best products to support an active, healthy and independent lifestyle. We have been trading since 2011 through our paper based catalogue and we are delighted by the positive response we have received to our offering so far and thankful to all of our customers.

We launched our web site in February 2014 and aim to bring the same great range of products, high level of service and convenience to a wider audience.
Here’s to an active, healthy and independent lifestyle.