Lightweight Wheelchair, Aluminium Foldable

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The lightweight wheelchair weights just 13 kg and is easily foldable to fit in a car boot. It is perfect to take your dear one shopping for the day or on an enjoyable outing. Fixed foot and arm rests provide comfort and the wheelchair supports up to 100kg

Overview of the Lightweight Wheelchair

The lightweight wheelchair has a comfortable seat, two large and two small wheels. It is designed for the anyone who has difficulty walking. The wheelchair can be self-propelled  or pushed by a friend or family member. It also folds up to fit into the boot of a car for transport although not as easily as a transit wheelchair.

Who should use the Lightweight Wheelchair?

A lightweight wheelchair is designed for anyone who:

  • Has decreased strength, endurance, balance and flexibility which affects their ability to walk safely.
  • Are at risk of falling while walking (even with a mobility aid)
  • Have the ability and want to be able to self propel with either arms and feet.
  • Will spend a fair amount of time in it so they would benefit from the option of a specialized cushion, backrest and other accessories.
  • Wants to be easily pushed by a friend/family member.

Features of the Lightweight Wheelchair

  • Lightweight - The wheelchair weighs just 13 kg. This makes it easy to propel as well as lift in or out of a vehicle.
  • User Weight Limit - The strong aluminium frame can support a user up to 100kg.
  • Fixed height armrest - This wheelchair features fixed height arm rests.
  • Non-Removable and non-flip up armrests
  • Brakes are in reach - While some brakes are too low or tucked away that make it difficult for elderly to use the lightweight wheelchair features easy to reach brakes.
  • Fold-up leg rests - Allows for safe transfers in/out of the lightweight wheelchair.
  • Firm seat platform - So the cushion is well supported and not droop in the middle
  • High push handles - Caregivers can push the wheelchair easily and comfortably without bending over.
  • Foldable - The lightweight wheelchair is foldable so it will fit in the boot of most small cars.

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