Roll up Wheelchair Ramp

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This high quality roll-up wheelchair ramp can be used as either a portable or fixed access ramp. The ramp is suitable for use with wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The ramp is constructed from aluminium providing strength, durability and lightness. The ramp is 900 mm long by 690 mm wide. It has a safe weight limit of 300 kg.


  • Easy access to houses and cars
  • Ideal for wheelchairs or scooters
  • Portable, compact design is quick to install
  • Supplied with a handy carry bag


  • Rolled up Size - 190 x 150 x 900 mm
  • Length - 900 mmWidth - 690 mm
  • Net weight - 7 kg
  • Colour - Silver
  • Maximum Load - 300 kg

To roll out

  1. Roll out the main section of the ramp so it is straight.
  2. Line up the side section of ramp ensuring the cut out on this section is at the top of the ramp. (NB – the top of the ramp is where three holes are drilled through). The two side sections are labelled ‘Left’ and ‘Right’.
  3. Lock the sections together using the latch on the underside of the ramp.
  4. Repeat points 2 and 3 for the other side section.

To roll up

  1. Release both of the latches underneath the ramp.
  2. Remove both side sections. The main ramp section will now roll up.

Using the ramp

  1. Always fully assemble the ramp before use, ensure that the two latches are locked and the front of the ramp is on the step or obstacle you wish to negotiate.
  2. With the shallowest gradient possible, ensure the gradient of the ramps is not beyond the ability of the PMV or user.
  3. Ensure the ramp is safe before use. Ensure there is no risk of the ramp slipping. If such a risk exists do not use the ramp.

Installing the ramp

The ramp can be permanently installed. Attach the ramp using the three holes predrilled at the front of the ramp and suitable fasteners. Any installation should be completed by a competent installer such as a skilled tradesman.


Ensure the ramp is fully rolled out and the side sections are locked in position. Do not attempt to use the ramps on gradients above 25° (1:4) or the maximum gradient of your wheelchair/scooter, whichever is less. Check your wheelchair's documentation for its maximum gradient. Only allow one person / mobility vehicle to use the ramps at once. Do not exceed the safe weight limit of the ramp

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