How to choose the correct incontinence product

by Ken Walker
Incontinence takes many forms and the first step in choosing incontinence products is establishing your level of incontinence. There are 2 factors to consider in the level of incontinence, firstly how much urine leaks in one go and secondly how regularly you experience incontinence.

Level of Incontinence

  • Light Incontinence
You experience occasional drip and dribbles through the day. For light incontinence we recommend WEAREVER Men's Regular Incontinence Underpants for men and WEAREVER Women's Incontinence Underwear for women. This underwear will absorb 30ml in one go and you can wear it confidently through the day as it will absorb up to 120ml over time. 

  • Moderate Incontinence
Moderate Incontinence is more that just a drip or dribble but less than a full bladder realease. It is important to establish the volume of urine released in a typical episode. If the volume is around 60ml we recommend the Wearever Super Underwear. For higher levels of release (up to 120ml) in one episode we recommend the Wearever Maximum Absorbancy underwear. As the primary purpose of incontinence underwear is managing leakage, if you are not sure whether to choose the Super or Maximum Absorbancy underwear, we recommend choosing the Maximum absorbancy.

  • Heavy Incontinence
Heavy incontinence is almost full or complete bladder loss during the day. Heavy incontinence leakage is usually a cup to two cups of urine. This amount is the average amount of urine held by the bladder. For heavy incontinence we recommend a disposable product. These are typically available from your pharmacy where you will be able to get advice on the correct product. 

  • Overnight Incontinence

Overnight Incontinence is simply when the person has full bladder loss at night. Often the person doesn't make it to the bathroom at night, so a quality product has to catch the complete bladder loss to protect the bed and the dignity. For heavy incontinence we recommend a disposable product. These are typically available from your pharmacy where you will be able to get advice on the correct product. 


In choosing incontinence underwear it is important that the underweat fits snugly to ensure the absorbtive pad is help in place. Please refer to our sizing chart to choose the correct product.

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