by Ken Walker

Choosing a wheelchair can seem daunting as there are many different types of wheelchairs for sale.

Choosing the right wheelchair for your elderly loved one is important as you want to be sure that they are comfortable and safe at all times. There are several different types of wheelchairs available, therefore family caregivers should know their options beforehand and consider the pros and cons of each type carefully so that they can choose the right one. If you have no idea what to look for, feel free to contact us (click here) and we can offer some tips on how to choose the right wheelchair for your senior loved one.

Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are the most common choice for disabled seniors as they do not require someone to push the wheelchair around constantly. This helps seniors to get around on their own and maintain their independence. Power chairs are a good option for seniors because they are much faster than manual wheelchairs and they can be operated with much less energy than a manual wheelchair requires.

Manual Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Self propelled wheelchairs have large rear wheels to allow the user to move themselves. These wheelchairs are ideal for seniors who still have the upper body strength to propel themselves around. This can help to maintain the users fitness level as well as their sense of independence. Due to the bigger wheels, these wheelchairs are often heavier than transit wheelchair and may not fold up as small. 

Transit Wheelchairs

Transit wheelchairs have smaller wheels at the back than regular wheelchairs. A carer needs to assist the wheelchair user to move about. These wheelchairs will fold up well and are light weight. Transit wheelchairs are thus ideal if you need to get them in and out of the car or have limited storage space.

Final considerations on wheelchairs for sale

Family caregivers should carefully consider the pros and cons of the types of wheelchairs for sale before purchasing one for their loved one. Many wheelchairs come in different styles, and seniors might enjoy picking the style of their chair since they will be using it on a daily basis to get around. You can view our stock of wheelchairs for sale by clicking here.

Independence is important for a senior’s well-being. A senior who chooses the style of their chair when you purchase the chair gives will have a greater sense of independence. This can be very important as many seniors feel that they are losing their independence since they have to rely on a wheelchair. Correctly chosen wheelchairs allow seniors to get out and about more than they would be able to without one, and maintain their independence.

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